Walgreens personalizes ads with +2,000 pieces of influencer content

The Challenge

Walgreens, one of the largest pharmacy chains in the United States, wanted to promote its photo printing services on its Walgreens app to its customers. The key to this campaign was that the influencers were encouraged to express themselves and their individuality in the content.

The Solution

Walgreens partnered with Social Native to find creators that could use the Walgreens app to print photographs. The brand asked the influencers to choose one of their favorite Instagram photos and demonstrate the ease of printing Instagram images directly using the brand’s app.

The Results

The campaign resulted in over 2K diverse and high-quality images and videos. Walgreens used this content to deliver authentic and personalized advertising experiences across all consumer segments and saw a 4X higher engagement on Instagram.


Images & videos created


Higher engagement on Instagram

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