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Forget about wasting your time and resources to find relevant UGC. We select the best visual content for your brand through a unique blend of AI-powered technology and human expertise.

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Save yourself the time of going through hundreds of lesser quality UGC.

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Content curation, simplified

Discover suitable, relevant and on-brand user-generated content more quickly and efficiently with the help of our experts in content curation.

Our team lives and breathes content curation. The latest technology, trends and best practices are implemented to find, tag, and categorize your earned content.

Our Strategic Curation team works as an extension of your brand team, following your brand guidelines, aesthetic, goals and strategy to curate the best, most brand-appropriate content.

With state of the art image recognition technology as the foundation, we link the right products, locations, or keywords to each image and video, ensuring you can distribute your content quickly and strategically.

“Social Native provides us with moderation services that help us connect products from our catalog to content that is approved and verified —it helps makes things behind the scenes more seamless and easy for us as a business.”


Unlock on-brand UGC quickly, easily and effectively with strategic curation.