Connecting UGC to social commerce

Create a frictionless pathway for consumers to shop with ease on all major social platforms. Optimize your brand’s user-generated content to make the most out of social commerce.

68% of consumers made at least one purchase directly from social media. Scale down abandoned carts and provide consumers with a streamlined checkout process that social commerce offers.

Closing the gap between finding a new product and purchasing

The ability to integrate your product catalog within social media platforms is powerful. With more and more users opting to do all their shopping on mobile phones, the window to convince browsers into converting has become slimmer.

Increase conversion and drive revenue with your existing or made-to-order influencer content in one click on the Social Native platform. With 79% of users saying UGC highly impacts their purchasing decisions, integrating UGC with your social commerce efforts is crucial to driving customers to hit the checkout button.

Social Shopping

Retain customer’s attention and prevent drop off by supplying your products, influencer content, and UGC within social apps. Leverage your best Social Native content on:

  • Shopping Ads
  • Product Tags
  • Live Shopping Ads
  • Catalog Listing Ads
  • For-you Feed Ads
  • Swipeable Ads
  • Shops
  • Shopping Tags
  • Shop in Explore
  • Collections
  • Product Detail Pages
  • Ads with Product Tags
  • Live Shopping
  • Product Links
  • Partner Intergrations
  • Shops
  • Shopping Tags
  • Shop in Explore
  • Collections
  • Product Detail Pages
  • Ads with Product Tags
  • Partner Integrations
  • Shop with Lens
  • Shop from Pins
  • Product Pins

Livestream Shopping

In recent years live shopping has had a spike in popularity. With China taking the lead on livestream shopping, we have learned that live shopping offers a unique real-time service for consumers to speak to a brand representative, hear reviews, and see the product. With the bonus of Facebook and TikTok’s livestream features like dynamic links that take a consumer directly to product checkout within the social platform and eliminate the risk of attention loss.

Brands are increasingly investing in social content and influencer marketing. Consumers today trust influencers, viewing them through the lens of peers, friends, or whom they aspire to be like. Brands recognize this and see influencers as a more authentic source of shopping inspiration and are migrating towards an ‘always-on’ strategy – beyond long-term, costly influencer partnerships.

Dr. Squatch x Facebook

Social Native, a Meta Business Partner, has collaborated with brands and major retailers to deliver engaging live shopping events on Facebook’s platform.

Dr. Squatch, an organic and handmade body care brand, selected creators for their live holiday shopping event based on brand affinity, lifestyle, and other attributes that match the brands’ target audience. The storytelling and how the products were applied through the Facebook live were vital factors in delivering an engaging and compelling livestream shopping event to drive business KPIs.

Let’s maximize the power of social commerce 🤝