Showcase UGC and influencer content

Distribute the best photos and videos from consumers and creators across the entire consumer buying journey to maximize engagement and conversions.

Reach customers everywhere they are

From ecommerce to digital media to print —tap into the power of social content and tell your brand story authentically across all channels.

User generated content
Shoppable Galleries

Create and embed galleries with UGC and influencer content across your ecommerce. Lead customers from desire to purchase with social proof.

User generated content
Social Media Ads

Repurpose top performing social content on paid media to further engagement. Expand into new demographics with sponsored posts.

User generated content
Social Commerce

Publish authentic content created by your community on shopping surfaces and storefronts across Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, and more.

User generated content
Retail Syndication

Extend the value of UGC by syndicating it to a network of retailers. Reach more consumers wherever they shop.

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User generated content
User generated content
User generated content
User generated content

Supercharge every customer touchpoint with UGC and influencer content

From discovery to purchase, give shoppers the social proof and inspirational content they need at each stage of their journey.

Embed our shoppable galleries into your ecommerce to boost engagement, time on-site, conversions and average order value with fresh, compelling and genuine content.
Leverage your extensive UGC library to create fresh and high-quality content for all your social channels. Drive awareness and engagement with your highest-performing UGC.
Create memorable ads that resonate and drive action with your target audience. Increase engagement and click-through rates by using UGC in your paid strategy, while decreasing acquisition costs.

Extend UGC and creator content beyond digital channels, and promote your brand with social proof across print media, in-store, events and out-of-home advertising.

Boost your marketing campaigns emails with authentic content, such as cart abandonment, product promotions, welcome series, loyalty and awareness email.

Deploy your best user-generated content on your retail partners’ sites or regional brand sites, driving measurable results and an impactful content experience.

“User-generated content works across all aspects of the customer journey – all the way from inspiration down to filtering to actually deciding to buy.

The main benefit is being able to connect our product range to UGC to provide a seamless and fluid shopping experience, so [customers] move down the funnel more naturally and easily.”


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User generated content