Caraway Home drives conversions with creator collaborations

The Challenge

Caraway Home, renowned for its premium cookware sets, aimed to boost conversions for its best-selling product category, the Cookware Set. Their primary goal was to differentiate themselves and resonate with home design creators who were able to effectively convey the products’ aesthetic appeal.

The Solution

Teaming up with Social Native through the ‘Meta Business Accelerator’ program, Caraway Home partnered with a select group of creators to produce compelling content to use as ads within their paid social platforms. Together, they created engaging content highlighting the product’s functionality, aesthetics, and versatility. This approach aimed to inspire home cooks to elevate their cooking experiences and transform their kitchen spaces with Caraway’s premium offerings, which prioritize both quality and style.

The Results

Through careful creator selection, Caraway Home’s campaign achieved remarkable results: nearly 1.3 million views on the paid side and over 35,000 organic views. Additionally, it boasted a CTR of 0.7%, surpassing the brand’s average ad CTR, and an exceptional average ROAS of 2.77, with a competitive CPC of $1.94. Notably, the ad also achieved an impressive 26% ThruPlay rate.

These results highlight the notable improvement in engagement compared to the brand’s regular ads during the same period, underscoring the effectiveness of creator collaboration.


Organic views


Return on ad spend


ThruPlay rate

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