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Social Native empowers brands to connect with new and existing influencers and customers via a 1:1 personalized content solution. Our UGC and creator discovery platform enable brands to generate high volumes of authentic social content applied across ecommerce, social channels, and more.

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Social Native’s content is brand caliber and has been leveraged across paid ads, ecommerce, in-store signage, social, email, and more. We are unique and unlike competitors in the space. With Social Native you get to unlock and use the full spectrum of social content — from creators and influencers, to your very own consumers. You also can get strategically curated UGC that can be turned into shoppable assets for your online store.

We know social, and that’s why our offerings are baked into an all-in-one platform to simplify your workflows!

Social Native manages all creator relationships through the platform, making the campaign creator process seamless for brands.

Yes! Social Native has a global creator network. See how we helped Microsoft break through Latin America with local creator activations.

Pricing may vary based on target demographic.

We cover all verticals! Social Native creator segments are vast and diverse. Popular verticals we serve include:

  • CPG
  • Fashion
  • Beauty
  • Food & Beverage
  • Travel & Hospitality
  • Tech & Gaming

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None! Social Native’s terms of use do not limit a creator’s ability to work with other platforms, agencies, or brands. If a brand prefers a creator not post for a competitor through a specified amount of time, the note can be added as a campaign requirement.

That said, brands that work with Social Native have access to Super Creators™ and Pro Creators™.

A campaign brief, an influencer brief, or also commonly known as campaign guidelines is a set of clearly defined campaign goals, expectations, and deliverables. Campaign guidelines are required and filled out within our platform prior to the launch of any campaign.

In working and learning with hundreds and thousands of diverse brands and creators, we’ve created a best practice guide to help you achieve your campaign vision. Also be sure to have your Customer Success Account Manager walk you through this process – especially if it’s your first time!

Yes! Throughout the terms of license, you can repurpose any content from Social Native worldwide and across any marketing channel or consumer touch point like TV, email, and print. Furthermore Social Native creators adhere to T&Cs that grant rights ownership of the content they produce.

Unfortunately no. Joining a campaign is ultimately the creator’s personal choice. Top reasons why creators may not opt-in include:

  • Personal or work schedule conflicts
  • Compensation requirement
  • Campaign fit with creator’s personal brand

Yes, you have the right to decline creators during the creator review process. However we encourage you to optimize your targeting parameters to ensure the right creators are brought onto campaigns.

Finding creators that can produce effective and authentic content for your brand is often an iterative process. Social Native recommends an opt-in policy when onboarding influencers– meaning the creators who have expressed interest are often your real brand ambassadors.

Content turnaround times can vary depending on the complexity of each campaign and its key components including:

  • Campaign goals & KPIs
  • Campaign brief & guidelines
  • Campaign budget
  • Target creator demographics
  • Product fulfillment needs

We can support fast turnaround campaigns in as low as two-weeks like with Fisher-Price. However, it is best to have expectations set by your Social Native account manager who will be able to provide detailed timelines that factor in building and reviewing guidelines, product shipping windows, sufficient time for creators to plan and thoughtfully create content, and more. These steps ensure that our creators provide you with the most optimal content possible without sacrificing quality or cutting corners that could result in the campaign not meeting your expectations. 

Any gift cards, promo codes, or account credits should cover the full cost of the product, taxes and shipping and handling (if applicable).  Since the cost of taxes and shipping can vary by creator location, we recommend using the highest tax + shipping cost for all creators if you are unable to offer individualized credits for each creator.

Yes! You’ll get access to a trove of performance metrics and actionable insights to help validate or optimize your content strategy. Analyze your UGC and influencer content with metrics including:

  • Revenue & conversion
  • Impressions & engagement
  • Top performing content, creators, and products

For Creators

Social Native connects brands with epic content creators, like you, to create authentic and compelling branded content.

Join the platform to collaborate on fun campaigns with the brands you love. Choose the campaigns that work for you, create unique and inspiring content, and earn rewards!

You received a campaign invite from us because we spotted your social media profile and think the content you create is awesome.

We love your aesthetic, and think you’d be a great fit for one of our upcoming campaigns!

If you’ve received a campaign invite, you can join Social Native through your unique invite link. If you haven’t received a campaign invite, but would like to join, you can sign up here.

Make sure you complete your Social Native profile after signing up so we can match you with campaigns!

Verifying your social account lets us know that you own the account we invited to a campaign, and enables the analytics that you’ll see in your Social Native dashboard.

Don’t worry – we’ll never comment, like, or post on your behalf, and we don’t store your password.

If you have a great eye and a creative aesthetic, we probably have a campaign for you! There are a few things we check for before you’re eligible to participate:

  • Brand safety: no swearing, sexual imagery, drug use, or other illegal/inappropriate activity.
  • Authenticity: no non-genuine followers or spammy activity.
  • Content quality: well-lit, high-resolution photos and videos.

Here’s your chance to collaborate with the brands you love – so make sure you put your best foot forward!

When we match you with a campaign, we’ll send you an invite. Check out the guidelines to learn the type of content the brand is looking for, and accept if you’re interested in participating. Then, we’ll work to secure you a spot (campaigns fill up quickly, so make sure you keep your eye out for invites).

If we find you a spot in the campaign, you’ll create content that meets the guidelines, post during the posting window, and submit via your Social Native dashboard. Once we confirm that your post meets the guidelines, you’ll be eligible for rewards. It’s as easy as that!

Once you’re signed up, we’ll reach out with campaign invites that you’re a match for! You can also request invitations to open campaigns shown on your dashboard.

Compensation amounts vary by campaign; some campaigns are paid, others earn you free products.

Plus, there’s the chance that the brand will feature your content – brands love showing off the awesome content from their Social Native campaigns! Check the “What’s In It For Me?” section of your campaign invite for the details.

Each campaign offers a specific, non-negotiable payment amount. When you accept a campaign, you’re agreeing to the terms and conditions and confirming that your post must meet the campaign guidelines before payment will be made.

If your content meets the campaign guidelines, we’ll process your payment within 14 business days. All payments are made via PayPal.

Social Native Super Creators™ are a family of top creators who have continuously put out excellent work and developed a strong relationship with brands and Social Native. Learn more here. 

Pro Creators™ are an elite group of creators who excel professionally in creative fields including photography, videography, stop-motion, directing, and more. Learn more here. 

Our Terms of Service can be found here.

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