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User generated content
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Discover, collect and turn existing content from consumers into owned assets.

User generated content
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Empower nano, micro and macro creators and influencers to create custom branded content.

User generated content
Professional Creators

Leverage our community to transform existing assets and produce high-impact creative.

Overcome content production challenges

  • Reduce high costs associated with producing content or purchasing stock imagery.

  • Create on-brand and high-quality content, at scale

  • Activate content effectively across all marketing channels

Discover the right influencers

  • Leverage our powerful search engine to find and sort through millions of influencers in minutes

  • Filter influencers by topics, location, engagement rate, audience and 20+ more advanced filters.

  • Analyze in-depth demographic and psychographic data on influencers and their audience.

Centralize and grow your content library

  • Build a rich and up-to-date content library that reflects the diversity of human experience

  • Centralize all your owned, paid, and earned content into a single platform

  • Quickly search and filter content to find the best content for each occasion

Scale your marketing efficiently and authentically


Branded content created at a fraction of the cost of traditional channels.


Get hundreds of relevant branded images and videos in little time.


Authentic UGC from the lens of your consumers, for your consumers.

Customer stories

Discover how brands like yours use Social Native to create, curate, showcase and optimize content.

To raise awareness for their Glitter Trip line of products, great for festivals, NYX invited 35 influencers to attend their booth at Coachella, reaching 1.3M people and achieving an 8.57% engagement rate.

Images created
Average Engagement Rate


UNIQLO activated a wide range of Instagram creators to boost a product launch during the holidays. Read more

Images created
Average Engagement Rate

Drive sales by creating authentic and relatable branded content

User generated content