Medicube partners with macro influencer Michelle Phan

The Challenge

Medicube, a renowned skincare brand with a mission to bring Korean skincare to the world, aimed to promote their world-class Medicube devices among beauty enthusiasts.

The Solution

Medicube leveraged Social Native’s platform and partnered with Michelle Phan, a prominent macro influencer in the YouTube beauty community with over 9 million subscribers. Michelle crafted a captivating YouTube video, along with assets for Instagram and Facebook. The brand implemented these assets across diverse marketing channels including paid ads, email and ecommerce that fueled record-breaking campaign revenues.

The Results

The partnership resulted in the brand’s most successful influencer campaign, achieving an impressive conversion rate. Michelle’s video achieved a 28% average engagement rate with over 131,000 views on YouTube alone. The brand saw a record-breaking 524% return on ad spend (ROAS). Leveraging the creator content through Meta Branded Content Ads, email newsletters, and PDPs proved instrumental in boosting the brand’s revenue.


Return on Ad Spend (ROAS)


Views on YouTube


Average Engagement Rate

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