Tetley Tea’s new line takes off with TikTok Creators

The Challenge

Tetley Tea, a globally renowned tea brand with a rich history of delighting tea enthusiasts for over a century, faced the challenge of creating awareness for its recently launched line of LIVE teas. The primary goal was to engage tea enthusiasts on TikTok and effectively promote three distinct flavors: BOLD, COOL, & CALM.

The Solution

Tetley Tea joined forces with Tag + Social Native to collaborate with TikTok Creators and showcase how individuals can embrace the present moment and embrace mindfulness while savoring the new LIVE tea flavors.

The Results

Selected Creators successfully produced 11 captivating videos for Tetley Tea, each highlighting one of the three new tea flavors. The campaign surpassed 11K views with a +4.6% engagement rate, and successfully showed a strong connection with the brand’s message of living in the moment and embracing mindfulness.


Video views


Engagement rate

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