Tomato Wellness Council juices up the tomato industry

The Challenge

The Tomato Wellness Council, a non-profit council dedicated to promoting the US canned and jarred tomato product industry, was looking to raise awareness for their initiative.

The Solution

The Tomato Wellness Council partnered with Social Native to identify and onboard native Instagram creators who produced captivating and informative videos. Campaigns focused on sharing healthy tomato recipes and testimonials to promote the benefits of tomatoes and inspire viewers to incorporate them into their diets. Sourcing creators with food and lifestyle niches was key to delivering unique content that educated and inspired individuals to embrace tomatoes as a key ingredient for their overall wellness.

The Results

Tomato Wellness Council has produced over 120 pieces of unique and high-engaging content that resonated with viewers. The content reached over 2.4 million potential consumers and garnered over a 6.6% average engagement rate


Potential consumers reached


Average engagement rate


Creators activated

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