Optimize your strategy with UGC and influencer analytics

Enhance your content strategy with real-time data and actionable insights.

Measure, learn and optimize

Get valuable data and insights of your social content performance to inform your strategy and make better decisions, faster.
User generated content
Image Recognition

Analyze objects within content to dynamically uncover and surface characteristics of high performing content.

User generated content
Machine Learning

Learn which attributes of content and creators correlate to higher performance and predict content relevancy and impact.

User generated content
Performance Optimization

Create a continuous feedback loop of content performance across all channels within all audiences to constantly optimize performance.

Get actionable intelligence to grow your business

Analyze your UGC and influencer content through conversion focused insights and data for continuous optimization. Stop the guesswork, learn from performance data and evolve every step of your game plan to boost results.

Track daily and historical revenue and conversion rates. Learn how UGC and influencer content impact on ecommerce sales.

Understand how your audience engages with social content. Track impressions, interactions, as well as new and returning visitors’ interaction rates on ecommerce.

Find your top performing content and creators by views, engagement and shopping clicks. See which products mapped to UGC are generating most engagement and sales.

Track the percentage of your product catalog that has been mapped to user-generated content to provide social proof on ecommerce.

Monitor how many photos and videos have been collected, approved, rejected, granted rights and published to shoppable galleries across all of your content sources.

Turn insights into action

UGC and influencer content contains a treasure trove of information about your market. Gain valuable insights on how consumers are using your products and use that information improve customer and product experience.

Refine your content strategy

Optimize brand positioning

Drive product improvements

Boost conversions and revenue

Maximize your KPIs with context-rich and actionable insights.

User generated content