UGC Syndication for Retailers

Syndicate content from the world’s biggest brands

Reach more customers with powerful UGC at the moment of purchase.

Consumers find social content helpful when making a purchase
Social content is 12x more trusted over product descriptions

Take advantage of the rich content already collected by your brand manufacturers.

Instagram & TikTok

Leverage freshly created social content from platforms like Instagram and TikTok to fuel conversion.

Rights Management

Avoid legal consequences with streamlined rights management and licensing.

Curated Content

Whether UGC is being syndicated from branded manufacturers or collected for your own ecommerce channel —save time & effort with curation services.

Simplified Product Associations

Easily link UGC to your entire online product catalog. Scale up or down with our curation services.

Are you a Brand looking to syndicate your user-generated content to retailers?

Have something good, why not republish it? Syndication builds a channel to distribute rich UGC across your network of retailers. Boost their ecommerce conversion and product sell-through. Enable your retail partners to influence consumer purchase decisions on the spot with influential social content. They win, you win.

Syndicating social content has never been easier.