Trust, security, and data protection

What consumers should know about allowing brands to use your photos and videos.

Know your rights

Social Native’s goal is to provide a platform that is safe and trusted by both consumers and brands as they collaborate to improve the experience of shopping online.

Here’s what we all should keep in mind when taking, tagging, uploading, and sharing photos and videos.

What consumers need to know

Why brands want to use your content.

Brands want to use your photos and videos because they’re real. The pictures or footage you take with your favorite new product, or on a memorable trip, can help other people decide what their favorite new product might be, or a place they want to visit next.

A great photo or video you take can make the shopping or booking experience better for someone else; that’s why brands want to use them.

Your content can’t be used without consent.

If you post a photo or video on a social network and add a brand’s hashtag or @mention, the brand will consider that a sign that you want them to see it and may want to use it on their website. Additionally, the brand may comment on it asking for permission to use it.

You own the copyright in your photos and videos.

A photo/video that you take is your creation and you own the copyright. By adding a hashtag a brand has promoted to that photo, you can respond to that brand’s request for content. If a brand asks you to use your photo for a marketing initiative and you respond “yes”, you might see your photo in that particular initiative — but it’s still your photo.

If your Personal Information changes, or if you wish to exercise your right to be forgotten, you may correct, update, delete or deactivate your information from our records by contacting Social Native at A photo that you take is your creation and you own the copyright.

What brands need to know

Protecting relationships with your fans is the top priority.

Consumers who take the time to post high-quality photos with your products and use your brand hashtag are probably already big fans of your brand. Respecting their photo rights is the best tactic to protect your relationship with them.

Consumers can change their minds.

At Social Native, trust is not a best practice, it’s the only practice. An Instagram or Twitter user may decide to make his or her public profile private. In this case, we’ll remove his or her images from your brand’s Media Library and web gallery, except for images where explicit rights have already been granted.