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Our team of Customer Success experts are dedicated to working with you 1:1 to customize the best possible visual content solution for your business needs.

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customer success

Customer Success

Our team of Customer Success experts are dedicated to working with you 1:1 to customize the best possible visual content solution for your business needs.

Trusted advising

We’re here to help tailor and launch campaigns to reach your north star business objectives.

Strategic guidance

We provide strategic guidance from campaign planning to data-driven insights that inform your marketing and product strategies.


We’re in a relationship, and we’re going to check in on you! From QBRs to adhoc recommendations, we’ll help you set and meet your goals.

curation team SN

Curation Services

Our curation team of 100+ is dedicated to turning tens of thousands of images and videos into curated, tagged, and quality-assured brand assets.

24-hour strategic moderation

Get help with content prioritization, sorting organic vs. influencer content, and product coverage so you can leverage fresh social content from platforms like Instagram, TikTok and Twitter.

Rights management

Save time and effort while avoiding legal consequences with our streamlined rights management and licensing services.


Whether the UGC is being syndicated from branded manufacturers or collected for your own ecommerce channel—have it conveniently in an all-in-one solution.

Simplified product associations

Easily link UGC to your product feed. Scale up or down with our curation services.

integration onboarding team

Integration & Onboarding

Our solution architects and technical support teams ensure seamless integration for clients around the world.

Dedicated onboarding experts

Once you sign up, one of our implementation managers will be your main POC, supporting your entire onboarding until you’re ready to go!


Your designated implementation manager will set up your account, ensuring you’re ready to take full advantage of the platform.

Custom solutions

Our CS and implementation teams will guide you to build the best strategy to customize and leverage UGC cross-channel.

operations team- social native

Campaign Services

From discovery to meaningful measurement, our campaign managers align on strategy in each stage of the campaign process to ensure you work with creators whose content you love.

Brand advocacy

You’re in good hands. Social Native’s closely-vetted 1 million+ creator community enables a deeper brand advocate connection.

Fostering community

Our goal is to provide the best collaboration experience for both brands and creators. Influencer today, long-term brand advocate tomorrow!

We’ll handle the details

Our hands-on campaign advisors can help you manage all creator communication, payments and product fulfillments to ensure your campaign process runs smoothly.

Your advisors on sponsored content

Our team is well-versed in the changing trends and legal requirements of branded content. They’ll check all the legal boxes so that content is successfully posted and repurposed.

Hear what brands are saying

“We couldn’t be happier with NYX’s relationship with the Social Native team, who’ve been true partners at every step of the journey.
The speed with which Social Native has developed and grown its platform has exceeded my expectations —every time I log in, I discover a new feature that significantly improves the experience.”

“Social Native’s technology and knowledge of the space allowed us to inject authenticity into our event with a dynamic and engaging user-generated content campaign.”

“With Social Native we have a direct contact, so there is support – and not just technical support – also marketing support, they give us inspiration for what we can do and [ideas for] how we can use UGC in a better way. It’s more like a partnership than a classic vendor-client relationship.”

“Social Native is like a guide for us across all of our potential challenges, and also inspires us, not only in our vertical – hospitality – but in retail and other activations that might open our minds and help us find other ways to do new things in this new reality.”

Let’s work together to maximize the power of social content 🤝

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