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“We couldn’t be happier with NYX’s relationship with the Social Native team, who’ve been true partners at every step of the journey.
The speed with which Social Native has developed and grown its platform has exceeded my expectations —every time I log in, I discover a new feature that significantly improves the experience.”

“Social Native’s technology and knowledge of the space allowed us to inject authenticity into our event with a dynamic and engaging user-generated content campaign.”

“With Social Native we have a direct contact, so there is support – and not just technical support – also marketing support, they give us inspiration for what we can do and [ideas for] how we can use UGC in a better way. It’s more like a partnership than a classic vendor-client relationship.”

“Social Native is like a guide for us across all of our potential challenges, and also inspires us, not only in our vertical – hospitality – but in retail and other activations that might open our minds and help us find other ways to do new things in this new reality.”

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