Dollar Shave Club decreases CPA by 22% with creator content

The Challenge

Content created via agencies was inauthentic, expensive and time-consuming, while organic user generated content had inconsistent quality and quantity. Dollar Shave Club wanted to find a way to create high volumes of high quality content to use in paid ads.

The Solution

The brand partnered with Social Native to create over 350 images and videos to test in Facebook paid ads and see the the impact of custom user-generated content on brand recall and CPA.

The Results

Social Native applied the test-learn-repeat approach to dynamically optimize the content to maximize conversions and lower the campaign’s CPA. Dollar Shave Club achieved a 25pts lift in ad recall for users shown Social Native content and decreased CPA by 22% due to Social Native creative optimization.

Lift in ad recall
Lower CPA than Dollar Shave Club benchmark
Decrease in CPA due to Social Native creative optimization

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