Viator decreases CPA by 59.7%

The Challenge

Viator, a Tripadvisor company, is the world leader in offering high-quality and story-worthy experiences all around the globe (tours, tickets, activities). The brand was looking to prove the value of leveraging the creator economy through Instagram Branded Content Ads, to drive results tied to their main KPIs.

The Solution

Viator worked closely with Social Native to find and activate creators that would bring a unique Viator experience to life through authentic and native content. Creators’ content was run as Branded Content Ads (BCA) to share Viator’s message through the creators’ voice and perspective.

Viator was excited to be paired with Social Native to help us find and activate the right creators for this test. Social Native was able to connect us to quality creators at scale and facilitate setting these creators up through the new Branded Content Ad units. They made the process easy and were able to deliver on great creators with great content that drove results for our team.”

Rebecca Ruskin. Content Director, Viator

The Results

Viator saw better performance when combining Traditional Brand Ads with Branded Content Ads from Creators’ handles, than when running Traditional Brand Ads only. The A/B test resulted in a 59.7% lower CPA, 36.9% lower CPM and 38.6% higher link clicks for the campaign that included Branded Content Ad units.


Lower CPA*


Lower CPM*


Higher link clicks*

(*) Results from A/B testing when comparing Viator campaign with Traditional Brand Ads only vs. campaign with Traditional Brand Ads + Branded Content Ads. 

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