Cosnova sees a 30% increase in conversions after implementing UGC gallery

The Challenge

cosnova Beauty is the parent company behind the color cosmetics brands essence and CATRICE. The company is well known in the drugstore market, especially throughout Europe. The brand was looking to build a stronger eCommerce presence and increase sales on its site.

The Solution

cosnova knew a realistic representation of their products would work better than staged photographs. They worked closely with Social Native to include user-generated content (UGC) on their product pages. Social Native helped them find creators that would bring a unique perspective to their products through authentic and native content.

The Results

cosnova saw a 30% increase in conversion rate for products using the Social Native UGC gallery, compared to the product pages that did not display the gallery. In addition, the conversion rate per click for users who had interacted with the gallery was over 19%.


Higher conversion rate


Higher interaction conversion


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