Barbie celebrates diversity and achieves 5.15% engagement rate

The Challenge

Barbie has long been a powerful role model for young girls and an ambassador for diversity. For the “Dads Who Play Barbie” campaign, they wanted to take their support to the next level by empowering real-life Barbie families to share their stories.

The Solution

The campaign drives home the idea that anyone with an imagination can have fun playing Barbie, even the man’s man father. Real-life dads can be seen turning off Sunday football to go on an outer space mission or practice yoga with their daughters and their Barbie dolls.

The Results

Barbie created 100 images and 20 videos of real Barbie Father’s and Daughters. Over 10 ethnicities were represented and the brand achieved an average 5.15% engagement rate.


Ethnicities represented


Average engagement rate

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