ASUS launches new phone with creator activation

The Challenge

ASUS, a global technology company, needed a way to stand out in the highly competitive telecommunications industry. ASUS needed a way to differentiate themselves and create awareness for their new phone’s high-quality camera.

The Solution

The brand partnered with Social Native to find ASUS consumers and empower them to share their photographs taken with the new ASUS phones.

ASUS product launch
ASUS product launch
ASUS product launch

The Results

ASUS sent 40 phones to a select group of Social Native creators prior to the product launch to create authentic and high-quality content that the brand could use in their launch materials. Over 40 unique images were created that the brand repurposed across social, web, and email. The campaign achieved a 3.47% average engagement rate and an audience reach of over 7.2 million.


Images created


Average engagement rate


Audience reached

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