Adidas achieves focus group results with golf creators

The Challenge

Adidas, one of the largest sportswear manufacturers in the world, launched a new shorts line and wanted to take a non-traditional approach to gather market feedback. Instead of creating an in-house focus group, they sent products directly to consumers and asked them to share their feedback. They also wanted to create buzz on Instagram around the product launch.

The Solution

Working with Social Native, Adidas asked golf creators to share their perspectives on the fit, comfort, and style of their new shorts line on Instagram.

The Results

Adidas worked with over 40 creators to generate product awareness online, scoring a 4.2%+ engagement rate. As a result of the creator feedback, Adidas created new designs after observing how the creators wore the product.

“Not only was the content engaging, the most eye-opening part of this campaign was HOW consumers are wearing our shorts. For instance, because creators were rolling up the pant legs, we’re now working on creating a pair of shorter shorts.” – Adidas Exec


Golf creators activated


average engagement rate

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