ABCmouse decreases CPA by 2.3X by activating influencers

The Challenge

ABCmouse, a digital education program for children, is constantly striving to increase ad performance and decrease customer acquisition costs. They had found the optimal targeting and messaging for their campaigns, so they turned their focus to their greatest opportunity for growth: optimizing creative for paid ads.

The Solution

ABCmouse partnered with Social Native to activate 20 influencers to create Instagram video content. Based on organic Instagram performance, the brand selected seven influencer assets to repurpose for paid ads. Of the seven tested, three emerged as top performers and the brand reallocated budget to drive the maximum conversion for the lowest cost.

The Results

ABCmouse was able to decrease CPA by 2.3X by fueling their paid Instagram ads with influencer-generated content.


Influencers activated


Decreased CPA


Top performing videos

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