Fashion is the highest grossing B2C ecomm industry segment in the U.S., with last year’s valuation at $871.2 billion and predictions to reach a total market size of $1.5 trillion by 2027.

By now if you are a fashion brand, influencer marketing should be a key part of your marketing strategy. Gen Z and Millennials are increasingly relying on social media platforms like Instagram and TikTok to discover new products, as well as find influencers whose style can influence their own. In order to increase their reach and build a community of brand ambassadors, many fashion brands partner with micro-influencers as an effective influencer marketing strategy.
By collaborating with micro-influencers (who have smaller followings 10,000 -100,000 followers but highly engaged audiences), fashion brands can better target specific niches and amplify their message within a more targeted demographic. While one of the most well-known benefits of working with micro-influencers is the inherently lower cost compared to partnering with larger celebrities and personalities, a recent study found micro-influencers offer 60% more engagement than macro-influencers, meaning brands can reach a much more receptive audience.

Furthermore, micro-influencers often have an intimate relationship with their followers which can help to create an authentic and powerful connection between the brand and its customers.

Ultimately no matter the budget, partnering with micro-influencers can be an effective way for fashion brands to maximize their return on investment while building a loyal customer base and establishing credibility.

Here we’ve listed 10 inspiring fashion micro-influencers who are setting trends and gaining traction as rising influencers on Instagram and TikTok.

10 Fashion micro-influencers to follow

1. Joel Moore-Hagan
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Joel Moore-Hagan is a mens fashion influencer who “blurs the lines between menswear and womenswear”. He has created content for major brands like UNIQLO, Clinique and Goodwill, in addition to many others. With nearly 80,000 Instagram followers, his reach and influence makes him a top men’s fashion micro influencer for any brand looking to elevate their content. His emphasis on pushing boundaries in mens fashion makes him a powerful advocate for men’s style worldwide.

2. Elsa Ahochi

Elsa is a fashion influencer based in Texas, who was the former Miss Côte d’Ivoire USA 2016. She has amassed 67,000 Instagram followers through her vibrant and engaging content. Her feed is full of travel-inspired fashion posts that showcase her unique style. Elsa has worked with some of the world’s biggest fashion brands like Macys, FILA, Kay Jewelers, Steve Madden, Beautblender and Savage X Fenty.

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3. Alexa Rambarran

Alexa Rambarran is a fashion micro-influencer from Dallas, Texas. With over 50,000 Instagram followers and 450,000 TikTok followers, Alexa has worked with many recognizable brands on influencer campaigns such as Adidas, Chips Ahoy, Airbnb and Marc Anthony. In addition to her success as a content creator, Alexa also owns two clothing stores.

4. Lindsey Shope
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Lindsey Shope, also known as @heyimlindz, is a fashion micro-influencer based out of North Carolina. With over 33,000 Instagram followers and a lively feed that radiates her “Pinterest girl” style aesthetic, Lindsey has collaborated with major brands such as thredUP, TOMS, and David’s Bridal. Sharing positivity and travel FOMO, her fashion content helps inspire others to be true to their own personal style.

5. Becca Bogle

Becca Bogle is a Chicago-based fashion and travel micro-influencer with over 33,800 followers on Instagram. She began her content creator career during her senior year of college to document her day-to-day life and shares her favorite finds in fashion and beauty, personal experiences and life hacks. Becca is an experienced micro-influencer, with collaborations from renowned brands such as Klarna, JOAH Beauty, Zillow, GAP, Revlon,  Maple Hill and many more!

6. Inmyjoi

From Detroit, Michigan, comes Joi: the fashion micro-influencer with 24,000 Instagram followers and a preference for stand-out style. Noteworthy brands like Savage X Fenty and Karen Kane have partnered with Joi to create engaging content that aligns with their target audience. For 10 years now, Joi has been engaging readers on “In My Joi” – an online style blog dedicated to fashion tips and personal growth inspiration.

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7. Jhordan Borboa

Jhordan is a Chicago-based fashion micro-influencer and content creator with 19,000 followers on Instagram and 16,500 TikTok followers. “Navigating the 20’s in style”, Jhordan utilizes her signature edgy street style to showcase trends, brands, and self-expression through her platforms on Instagram and TikTok. Recently, Jhordan collaborated with Zappos, creating an engaging “Get ready with me: morning routine” TikTok video for her followers.

8. Mila Fox

Mila Fox is an LA-based micro-influencer and fashion content creator. With 16,000 followers on Instagram and 20,000 on TikTok, Mila has cultivated a large following with her vibrant personality and array of content featuring acting, travel, and funky fashion. Her diverse portfolio makes her highly sought after by brands in many different verticals; her recent partnerships include One Love Foundation, TOMS, JOAH beauty, Dave mobile banking app, and more. As a leading fashion micro-influencer, Mila produces engaging and creative content that captures the attention of both new and existing followers alike.

9. Daiana Veron

Daiana Veron, an Argentinian-born trendsetter and content creator, is gaining momentum for her inspiring fashion micro-influencer content. She currently has 12,000 followers on Instagram where her Reels regularly surpass 3,000 views. Daiana’s influence extends beyond Instagram as she is also the co-founder and designer of her own fashion brand. On her growing TikTok account, she recently collaborated with Alo Yoga in a product unboxing video that emphasizes her authentic minimalistic style.

10. Leshawn Bridgewater

Leshawn Bridgewater is a fashion powerhouse in New York City. As a wardrobe stylist, personal shopper and upcoming designer, his high-fashion creative vision makes him a rising fashion influencer to look out for. While technically a nano-influencer at just over 8,000 Instagram followers, Leshawn’s larger-than-life personality has earned him a spot on the list. Notable brands like G-Star RAW have collaborated with the Caribbean fashionista, who also entertains over 6,000 followers on TikTok, where he shares trending NYFW content and day in the life vlogs.

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