Holiday shopping on Twitter

Twitter users love to plan in advance for their holiday shopping.  According to Twitter, 40% of consumers are starting their holiday shopping before Halloween, and 84% of Twitter holiday shoppers are looking for deals, product reviews, and gift giving inspiration on the platform.  

Therefore, it is crucial for your brand to plan your 2021 holiday marketing strategy in advance.  

How to start holiday marketing on Twitter

When starting to plan your 2021 holiday marketing strategy, review the holiday calendar to decide which holidays your brand wants to celebrate with your customers. Regardless if it’s Black Friday, Cyber Monday, or Christmas, people utilize Twitter for inspiration about what to purchase.  

How to reach holiday shoppers on Twitter

After reviewing the holiday calendar, it is important for your brand to reach audiences. 

We recommend highlighting your holiday deals.  According to Twitter, Twitter users research the best deals in advance compared to those not on Twitter, and are 30% more likely to look for holiday deals early.  Therefore, getting in front of Twitter audiences with your brand’s best holiday deals will pay off.  

Twitter’s new eCommerce feature

Twitter recently took new steps into eCommerce by testing a shopping module on business profiles.  ‘Shop Module’ is now being tested with a selection of brands in the US.  This new feature allows brands to showcase their products to Twitter users directly on their business’ profile.  Users will then be able to scroll and tap through a myriad of product images in the module until they find a product right for them.  

As Twitter expands to be a discovery network for eCommerce products, ‘Shop Module’ will become a key aspect of brands’ 2021 holiday marketing strategy.  By curating your brand’s holiday favorites on your profile’s shopping module, it has never been easier for shoppers to find the inspiration and products they are looking for.