With February being the month of love, we wanted to share the love with you by highlighting our most popular and adored features of 2022.

From streamlining content sourcing and workflows to enhancing eCommerce shopping experiences, these features have stolen our customers’ hearts.

In case you’ve missed our original announcements, take a moment now and see what all the fuss is about!

Head over heels for our Influencer Content Sourcing Engine

Last year, we overhauled our Creator content orders with our customers in mind. The result? An effortless process for requesting and managing branded content from talented creators and influencers.

Here are the most sought-after features we’ve added so that brands can collaborate with creators and produce fantastic content:

Bring your brand to life with Reels

Collaborate with talented Creators for fun, short, and authentic Reel videos. Simply select Reels as your video placement when ordering.

Find Influencers by # of followers

Easily find the right influencer for your brand by searching based on their follower count, from 1K to 500K+.

Easily compose spot-on guidelines

Use our Content Intelligence feature to effortlessly compose content and caption guidelines that result in high-quality and authentic content. Our AI wizard will guide you and add your preferences. 

Match with your preferred Creator style

Use our Creator Style rating tool to show us your preferred creator style, and we’ll match you with the perfect fit for your brand’s look and feel.

Boost Creator content with ease

Boost your creator content through Meta Business Manager at the touch of a button, without needing individual authorization from each creator.

Preview your order like a Creator

See exactly how your order will look to creators through a real-time preview, complete with cover image, title, guidelines, hashtags, and more.

Speed up order creation

Save time on new orders creation by quickly cloning previous orders with all the settings, requirements, and guidelines intact.

Get a clear understanding of order prices

See your order cost and cost per content, and how they change based on your content requirements, guidelines, and targeting. Understand how prices are set and adjust your order to fit your budget.

Pick the perfect creators for the job

After submitting an order for content, review all applications, examine Creators’ profiles and select the ones that suit your content needs. With an added bonus, approve up to 20% more at no extra cost!

Shoppable Galleries —a heart-stealer of 2022

Customers were smitten from the get-go with our new Shoppable Galleries‘ sleek design and seamless functionality, launched in 2022.

With features like mobile-optimized layouts, fully customizable styles, vertical video support and fast loading times, you can create a visually engaging shopping experience that wows customers and boosts sales.

And the best part? You don’t need any coding skills to create stunning galleries that match your brand’s style. Our simple and user-friendly Gallery Designer allows you to:

  • Quickly customize content, style, and settings
  • Preview changes in real-time
  • Set minimum content threshold for gallery visibility
  • Publish responsive galleries in minutes
  • Activate multi-language support and manage translations
  • Easily duplicate an existing gallery
We hope you fall in love with these features as much as we have!
Reach out to learn more.