TikTok has recently released a new study suggesting that TikTok ads are more memorable to users than those on other platforms.  This blog explores what the study’s findings were and how your brand can take advantage of these learnings to get started on TikTok.  

What was the study?

The study was conducted by Neuro-Insight, a neuroanalytics company that uses brain imaging technology to observe and measure how the brain responds to communications, allowing insight on how advertising affects consumers on an emotional and subconscious level.  

The study was conducted in the US with a total of 57 participants ranging from 18-34 years old. Participants browsed the TikTok platform for a total of 24 minutes and were exposed to 26 ads each.

TikTok ads were found to be more hyper-relevant and engaging

The study proved that TikTok excelled compared to other platforms in two dimensions of users’ neuro response: approach and engagement.  

The first dimension of users’ neuro response – approach – refers to the content’s emotional valence.  Emotional valence indicates the likeability of the video content, and how it relates to the in the moment action, such as unplanned purchases. 

The second dimension found to be important was engagement.  Engagement refers to the personal relevance of the content, which has the highest correlation to memory.  Engagement determines whether someone is going to act on the content in the future, such as buying the product later in a store.

Source: Neuro-Insight’s study 

TikTok is more engaging than other platforms

TikTok’s users experience more peaks of engagement on the platform. 

As stated by TikTok, “our algorithm and shorter video formats create continuous cycles of engagement, making TikTok the leading platform for Information Density.  This further suggests that the TikTok audience is fully leaned in and immersed compared to other platforms.”

Source: Neuro-Insight’s study 

TikTok ads are more memorable than TV and digital video

The Neuro-Insight study also found that TikTok ads are more memorable and more directly linked to in-market sales when compared to other placements, such as TV and digital video.  TikTok top view ads outperformed TV by 40% higher detail memory and TikTok in-feed ads by 23%. 

Source: Neuro-Insight’s study 

How your brand can put these learnings into action

The study’s findings provide key insight on why TikTok ads are a powerful tool for brands’ advertising strategy.  Brands should prioritize TikTok ads in order to take advantage of these opportunities to drive higher engagement on the platform and connect with users on an emotional level.  Take a look at our recommended best practices for getting your brand started on TikTok: 

The two guiding principles for Tiktok content: Entertaining & Educational

  • Ensure content falls into these two categories to keep users engaged and increase brand awareness and recall.  

Lean into low cost production 

  • Brands do not need a huge investment to make a good performing video.  TikTok content does not need to be high quality or perfect, rather it is an opportunity to be raw and unfiltered.  

Music is the hero

  • Determine what music/sound you want to use before making your content. You can lean on trending sounds and video formats to enter the conversation on TikTok in a relevant way.  Brands should also tap into TikTok’s self-serve commercial music library or leverage TikTok’s in-house music team.  

Don’t make ads, make TikToks with branded effects 

  • Branded effects are a powerful tool for creating a unique story.  By leveraging branded effects, your brand can create and elevate your TikTok page. 

Amplify organic content through Spark Ads  

  • The new Spark Ads feature allows brands to put paid media behind organic content that is already resonating and trending with users.