February 4, 2022

New Instagram features in 2022

With a new year comes new features. As we begin to think about our social media content for the year, it’s important to keep up-to-date with Instagram features and updates, as the platform has a number of them since the start of 2022. We’ve done the research and rounded up a number of new Instagram features, so that you don’t have to. 

Live now

Delete photos from a carousel 

  • How to: Go to your post > Tap on the more menu > Edit > Find the photo you want to delete > Tap on the trash bin icon on the top left corner.
    • What does this mean for content creators? This new feature will be a relief for those who love to photo dump and those who don’t plan out their carousels in advance.

Live badges on default for eligible creators

  • How to: According to Instagram US eligibility includes: be 18+, and have 10k+ followers. Eligibility for users in other countries may vary. 
    • What does this mean for content creators? Live badges allow followers to send their support to creators while interacting with them and getting noticed during live streams.  

New text-to-speech for reels

  • How to: Add text to your reel (Aa icon) > Tap twice on text in bottom left corner > Tap Text-to-Speech > Choose voice.
    • What does this mean for content creators? Creators no longer have to rely on their voice-overs, they can choose the Text-to-Speech function to read their text.

Rolling out

Live scheduling 

  • How to: Go to stories > From the menu tap on Schedule (calendar icon) > Add live video info including title and start time > Tap Schedule Live Video > Tap the more button next to your Live stream’s title and share as a post.
    • What does this mean for content creators? Previously, creators had been relying on the countdown sticker to let their followers know that they will be hosting a live stream. Now, creators can schedule their lives up to 90 days in advance, followers can opt-in to be reminded of the event from both Instagram posts and stories. When followers click “Remind me” they will be sent reminders one day before and 15 minutes before the event starts.

In beta testing

Instagram Subscriptions

  • Perhaps one of the most exciting features we can hope to see officially rolling out for all in 2022 is Instagram’s Subscriptions, which will be accompanied by an app of the same name. Currently, the feature is being tested by a small number of U.S. creators. 
    • Features to include: 
      • Exclusive access content including stories and lives from their favorite creators.
      • Monthly tiered memberships. Creators are able to decide the specific amount and can range from $0.99/month to $99/month. 
      • Exclusive badge to subscribers, so they can be easily identifiable in the creator’s comments and inbox. 
    • What does this mean for content creators? This will be a game changer for content creators as it will be an additional monthly income, but Subscriptions also has the potential to increase growth on Instagram rather than relying on other platforms like Patreon for subscriptions. 

Rearrange your grid 

  • Instagram is testing for a feature that allows you to rearrange your photos that are already posted on your Instagram grid. 
    • What does this mean for content creators? This feature has the potential to allow you to rearrange your layout and create a new aesthetic that aligns with your style. 

Algorithm-free feed

  • A new feature Instagram hopes to roll out in the first half of 2022. Apart from the default Home feed we all know, Instagram is testing two new feeds: Favorites and Following. 
    • The breakdown: Home: feed based on the algorithm. Favorites: a list you create based on accounts you don’t want to miss content from. Following: chronological based feed from accounts you follow. 
    • What could this mean for content creators? Firstly, this will be an optional feature for users to choose, the default mode in Instagram will remain based on the algorithm we currently know. Meaning, users will have to toggle between Home and Favorite/Following feeds. 

Let us know what you think of these new features. What are you looking forward to the most?

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