Social Native partnered with Meta to bring Super Creators™ to the annual Meta Games Summit to deliver an exclusive panel to summit attendees. It was made up of Alex Shebar, Liz Werner, and Dex Experience — all of who are titled Super Creators™, the premier program of Social Native’s most talented group of creators with extensive high-performing content.

The creative team came together with Meta’s Vertical Strategy Lead, Innovation Hub, Abby Schommer, and Social Native’s VP of Marketing and Operations, Claire Lin, to deliver thought-provoking insight and laughs to the Meta Games Summit audience.

Meet the Creators

Alex lives in NYC with his wife and dog and enjoys good food and bad movies. He started about seven years ago making content, showcasing NYC and around the world with high-energy, bright colors, delicious food, great pop culture, and more. He considers his content the anti-FOMO and hopes you will check out all the interesting stuff he posts. Say hey, he’s relatively friendly and will say hey back, most likely with a bad joke or pun.

Originally from Copenhagen, Denmark, Liz has spent half of her life living abroad in various countries. Liz now lives in Los Angeles with her husband where they both absolutely love it! Liz lives a healthy lifestyle and loves to work out, all of which encouraged her to start sharing her health journey publicly over the past 3 years. Liz’s social media focuses on sharing her journey of crafting clothing for herself so that others can understand the process of what goes into making garments and the beautiful trade overall. Her aim is to encourage others to relax with fast fashion purchasing and invest in key wardrobe pieces to last a lifetime or even dive into making it yourself!

Dex is a singer and content creator from New York City who got his start 5 years ago. He made waves when his first hit single “Internash” debuted on the Billboard Dance Club Music Chart. Since then, he’s released 8 studio productions and amassed over 90K followers on social media. His music is exciting and energetic, and he loves to showcase the best of what the world has to offer in his content. When he’s not making music or creating content, Dex loves cooking and exploring his city like a tourist with his little Havanese dog, Sterling.

Liz shared with the summit her previous experience facing gender discrimination in her early years, which pushed her away from gaming for a period of time, to how she was reconnected to gaming when it was one of the few ways to easily stay connected with her family across the globe. Alex related his insightful knowledge of fandom culture & the notion of what it takes to be a “gamer” — spoiler alert: if you like gaming you’re a gamer. Dex spoke in regards to DE&I changes that gaming developers could keep in mind to be inclusive of all. Dex specifically pointed out including a more diverse group of characters in race, ethnicity, gender, and sexuality. Doing so would tap into a whole new audience of potential players and creators.

Overall, the Meta Games Summit provided new insight through a consumer and creator lens. As pointed out by Alex, striking the right balance of brand guidelines & creative freedom is essential to creators who prefer to articulate their own honest thoughts on a game when working on gaming campaigns. The creators brought a fresh perspective to the gaming & creator industry.

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