Welcome back to the second part of our series, where we continue to explore the dynamic world of TikTok Shop. In the first article, we laid the groundwork, offering a comprehensive guide to navigate TikTok Shop and unlock its potential in the ever-evolving landscape of social commerce.

Now, let’s dive even deeper into the vast possibilities that TikTok Shop holds. This article breaks down how to go live on TikTok, offering some invaluable tips to master Live Shopping. Get ready to elevate your TikTok Shop experience and take your brand to new heights!

Prepare yourself

Livestreaming offers you to great possibility to connect directly with your audience. This can help you establish memorable connections with customers, and showcase your products in ways we never thought possible before.

When it comes to livestreaming success, avoid the common mistake of trying to sell before attracting viewers. To navigate this landscape effectively, make sure you understand the key components and how to leverage them:

  • Team: Viewers prefer action over words, so start with one person who passionately understands your product as the face of your brand. As confidence grows, consider adding assistants or presenters. For an even more impactful approach, leverage Social Native’s expertise and technology to recruit experienced and industry-specific creators from our network, ensuring dynamic and engaging presentations. Collaborate with your team and Social Native to continually enhance your livestreams and stay relevant.
  • Product: Highlight the value of your product through visual demonstrations, focusing on what makes it unique. Successful live streams can convey their message through visuals alone. Utilize the FABES method (Feature, Advantages, Benefits, Evidence, Sale) to enhance your product’s worth, and emphasize any deals or coupons applicable during the livestream.
  • Set: Your livestream set acts as a powerful storyteller, conveying your brand style and typical product usage scenarios. Keep it visually captivating, aligning with your brand image and product category. Integrate your brand’s narrative into your set, making it interesting by showcasing your products or revealing where they’re produced. Moreover, if you’re looking for studio space, Social Native can assist in finding the perfect setting that matches your budget, ensuring a professional and visually appealing backdrop for your livestreams.
Selecting and managing products

Before you go live on TikTok, it’s crucial to carefully curate the products you’ll showcase. Plan your product selection strategically to not only hook viewers but also drive engagement and sales. Let’s delve into the three main approaches to product selection that will make your TikTok Shop stand out in the crowd.

A smiling woman showcasing makeup products from Kiss Cosmetics.
Danish creme cookies and a box of European butter, a delightful combination for a sweet treat.
Two bottles of Cetaphil hand soap on a blue surface.
  • The Follower Gift: This serves as a low-cost entry-level product designed for those who haven’t purchased from your shop before, and its purpose is to secure their initial purchase and prompt them to follow you on TikTok. A lower-priced item can also encourage additional purchases for coupons or free shipping. Boost its appeal using TikTok Shop promotions, flash deals, and countdowns, or even employ flash sales during your LIVE to create urgency and encourage purchases during the discount window.
  • The Top Seller: The star of your TikTok Shop LIVE, the top seller is crucial for retaining viewers. It should be a product that captivates, whether visually appealing or tied to a community. This item serves as your primary revenue driver, with additional products complementing it like accessories enhancing an outfit. Choose this product based on success on other platforms or offline, with seasonal items often proving effective.
  • The Profit Driver: This is the higher-priced product that complements your offerings, appealing to those willing to invest more during the LIVE for added value. Building trust with followers through positive purchasing experiences encourages them to consider these premium products. Tip: Strategically price these products to emphasize their perceived value, ensuring an overall sense of value for money for your audience.
From Demonstration to Engagement

As you embark on your TikTok Shop LIVE journey, remember that viewers often engage for brief periods. To capture their attention, focus on highly repeatable actions that are easier to remember. Showcase packaging or product creation for your top seller, or enhance the appeal of the follower gift with visual cues. For the profit driver, introduce it strategically every 1 to 2 minutes to maintain viewer interest. This is your opportunity to get creative and differentiate your brand during your LIVE. Consider going LIVE for at least one hour, allowing you to showcase your products and engage with your audience effectively.

Demonstrate products consistently and incorporate unique styles like reading customer reviews. Use promotions such as LIVE coupons to offer exclusive prices, driving sales and traffic during your LIVE. Remember, engagement goes beyond the camera – use physical actions, interact with your community, and create a lively atmosphere. Your LIVE is not just a broadcast; it’s a dynamic experience where you connect, showcase, and build a thriving community.

Showcase your products

Now that we’ve set the stage, it’s time to go live on TikTok. Tap the plus button, go to the LIVE option, choose the products to showcase, and hit ‘Go LIVE’. Craft a compelling title and set an “About Me” description in the settings tab for a brief introduction when viewers join. During the LIVE, use your phone to pin products, ensuring they stand out to viewers.

*Tip: Use your computer to go to the streamer desktop and monitor your livestream data in real time.

Keep in mind that immediate results may not occur, as TikTok needs time to analyze engagement and refine your audience. Don’t be discouraged if demographics are evenly distributed initially. This will evolve over time, targeting the right engaging audience for your products.

Avoid the common mistake of short livestreams; aim for a 60-minute duration to allow TikTok to assess and improve engagement.Iteration and improvement are crucial, so gather experience and enhance elements in each livestream, from demonstrations to set design. Remember, even short segments can be repeated, as new viewers regularly join, presenting opportunities to reach a fresh audience!

Engage, connect, thrive

In livestreaming, it’s crucial to prioritize building a community over immediate sales, ensuring an enjoyable experience for all viewers, regardless of purchases. Your followers are key, as a robust community fuels both traffic and sales. Consider your target audience when choosing the optimal livestreaming time and maintain a regular schedule aligned with their daily routines.

However, engagement goes beyond just timing. Embrace a proactive approach by actively participating in your community, responding to comments, and participating in discussions. This will not only foster a sense of connection but also strengthen your presence on TikTok.

To truly elevate your livestreaming experience, consider leveraging industry-specific creators. They possess a natural flair for product demonstration, injecting unique knowledge into LIVEs, appealing to existing and potentially new audiences. Remember, thriving in livestreaming is intrinsically tied to actively engaging and nurturing your community so don’t be shy!

Elevate Your TikTok Shop Experience with Social Native

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