We’re excited to announce the release of our shoppable video galleries that now support Instagram Reels, enabling brands to collect even more authentic social content to power e-commerce, build consumer trust, and drive revenue.

E-commerce retailers can now collect, curate, and turn Instagram Reels into shoppable assets with the ability to tag all featured products and drive viewers to product pages. Among other attributes, Social Native’s shoppable galleries are fully customizable, support 9:16 video format, and are mobile-first by design.

Brands can utilize content from TikTok, Instagram Reels, and other vertical formats to mirror the social experience onto e-commerce —creating an engaging and seamless shopping experience. 

“Brands that optimize every customer touch point with social content are converting well above industry benchmarks. Social Native is committed to developing new and exciting features to help brands meet their goals,” says David Shadpour, Social Native founder and CEO. “As a Meta Business Partner, we’re pleased to bring the engaging experience of Reels to e-com sites.”

Businesses showcasing user-generated content on their sites through shoppable galleries have seen a 2X average conversion rate increase and a 168% average order value increase. Social content, and even more so videos, entice shoppers to purchase and create frictionless buying paths.

Brands like IKEA, H&M, and Four Seasons drive consumers from discovery to purchase with Social Native’s solutions for social content collection, curation, and display.

Shoppable Galleries are available for any brand looking to provide consumers a seamless shopping experience with authentic, relatable, and high-quality content.

Want to learn more about leveraging Instagram Reels on your e-commerce store? Talk to our experts!