NEW YORK, Jan. 9, 2023 /PRNewswire/ Social Native, a leading UGC and influencer content solution provider, announced today that it is expanding its enterprise offering by introducing Creator Discovery. The new feature enables brands to have further autonomy over the influencer selection process by externalizing advanced targeting tools to uncover the best-fitting creators for their goals.

The release uses first-party creator data meaning more accuracy, reliability, and creator consent for brands. Social Native has long operated as a first-party creator platform, which is notable amidst the influencer marketing industry’s growing concern of third-party data usage that has led top companies like Grin scrambling to make the shift.

Creator Discovery aims to solve some of the top influencer marketing challenges brands face. Over 68% of marketers have difficulty finding and onboarding relevant influencers, and 30% of marketers experience issues negotiating terms.

“Strong brands need the right creators to tell their brand story authentically”, says Adrianne Kirszner, President of North America for Kate Spade and Social Native Brand Advisor. “Retailers need social content solutions that will unlock the future for seamless shopping.”

With Creator Discovery, brands can discover creators and influencers directly through Social Native’s platform with 20+ filters including content keywords, age, location, audience data, Super Creator™ status, and much more.

“Our all-in-one enterprise solution will continue to automate 90% of manual tasks that brands seek to avoid,” says Luis Carranza, Social Native VP of Global Revenue. “Brands gain the benefit of scaling content production without increasing internal resources and costs.”

Social Native automates and streamlines time-consuming workflows including content rights management, influencer communications, strategic content curation, payments, and more.

The company’s proprietary software combines influencer and UGC management rolled into a singular solution to help brands discover the most valuable content for their business.

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About Social Native
Social Native’s mission is to help businesses grow by empowering creators to do what they love. Its UGC and influencer discovery platform allows brands to access and deploy the full-funnel value of authentic social content in every step of the consumer journey. 1500+ global brands like H&M, Sephora, and Microsoft use Social Native to build communities of ambassadors and influencers to share their brand stories at scale.

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