Business Owner and Content Creator, Jolie is Unstoppable!

jolie benoit

Jolie Benoit is a business owner, Super Creator™ (120 successful sponsored posts via Social Native!) but above all, a mom. She lovingly refers to her lifestyle as “Momtrepreneurship.” Years ago she began SurelyMine, a fashion company that today can be found in boutiques across the country. We sat down with this Boss Babe to learn about her experience in the business world and online.

Q: Tell us about the development of your fashion boutique, SurelyMine.

I love fashion. I started as a fashion print model and modeled for over 10 years for designers across the united States. That’s when I realized that I preferred being behind the scene rather than in front of the scene. I created SurelyMine because others were constantly asking me about fashion and how I styled myself as a model. I never imagined that SurelyMine would growth to what it is now. What’s more, SurelyMine is not only a fashion boutique but a brand. The SurelyMine brand is now carried by hundreds of boutique across the United states. SurelyMine not only caters to fashionistas but we also provide our curated styles to boutique owners at wholesale prices to carry our line.

Q: At what point did you start sharing your business online through social media?

Only a few years ago. I was hesitant at first since I wasn’t into social media. However I realized that I could reach so many people across the world.

Q: What’s the most difficult thing you’ve encountered or had to overcome in your journey of being a female business owner?

The lack of support from the people around you. Many times we assume that people we know would be our first customers. However, unfortunately it doesn’t work that way at least in my case. I have overcome this by thinking big and creating a business that figures out how to reach everyone and not just the people around me.

Q: Comment on another businesswoman who you look up to, and why.

There is a bakery by my house owned by women. Unfortunately I don’t know the owner’s name. However, I watch her work and deal with customers in a way that is so rare nowadays. She is absolutely amazing. On one visit to pick up a cake that I had ordered – when in fact I had ordered it from a different store – she went beyond to make things right. I admire women like her. I admire businesswomen like her. I’m not just impressed by people who do things right, but more impressed by people who sometimes make mistakes or see mistakes and what they do to make it right. Honestly, that to me is more impressive.  

“Consistency over talent. Show up everyday for your brand and give it your all.”
jolie benoitJolie Benoit

Q: Has there been a moment in your career when you felt you made an impact?

It’s hard to answer this question because it would be better asked to someone who has been impacted by me! But I deal with a lot of retailers who purchase wholesale from the SurelyMine brand and I’m extremely attentive to their needs.  I receive a lot of feedback and compliments telling me that I have taught them how to better serve their customers. 

Q: What part do brands or sponsorships play in your content creation process?

I try as much as I can to be authentic with my audience. So when I am booked by a brand, I try my best to connect it with my everyday life. It’s important for me to be authentic and my audience relates to that.

Q: What was your favorite campaign that you have worked on with Social Native and why?

There are so many that it’s hard to choose just one. But I loved creating content with my kids. It creates memories for a lifetime. My kids also love being part of it. It has really bonded us in a way I didn’t think was possible. We truly enjoy it.

Q: Speaking of your kids, we noticed you describe yourself as a “momtrepreneur”. What do you want your children to understand about entrepreneurship?

Absolutely. I think it’s incredibly important for me to teach my kids about business. I want them to know that they can create a business in any field they choose to be in.

Q: What’s one piece of advice you would like to give aspiring female business owners?

It’s going to be hard but consistency is key. Consistency over talent. Show up everyday for your brand and give it your all.

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