In the digital age of social media, influencers and creators are common terms we come upon throughout our days. What once seemed like a very specific topic, an influencer is someone who influences social commerce, is no longer a sufficient definition. In fact, the 5 types of influencers vary heavily and can influence your brand’s conversion in many different ways. With influencers of all tiers, multicultural backgrounds, and diverse interest segments, Social Native offers a unique service to reach your most detailed content wishes. Take a look at the spectrum of creators your brand can be engaging for visually high-performing content.

Brand Advocates
  • Day-to-day consumers
  • Relatable and authentic content with a real-life perspective
  • Produce content for brands they are passionate about
  • Ranging production skill sets
  • Down-to-earth product reviews, unboxings, and demos
  • Actively focused towards growing their following
  • In-depth knowledge of what resonates with their audience
  • Create engaging content that is both relatable and aspirational
  • Set trends and initiate conversations in their field of expertise
  • Communicate brand values through authentic storytelling
  • Distribute sponsored content from personal social channels
Pro Creators™
  • Executes creative vision for end-to-end production
  • Equipped with high-tech production equipment
  • Expertise in editing raw and existing assets
  • Masters a wide array of creative formats
  • Knowledgeable of platform best practices
  • Track record of high-performing content
  • Genuine passion for creating content
  • Represent brands with creative storytelling
  • Up-to-date on targeted industry trends
  • Current on social trends and platform features
  • Knowledgeable of a wide range of content creation tools
  • Down-to-earth product reviews, unboxings and demos
Super Creators™
  • Embody every attribute of creators
  • Established working history with Social Native
  • Track record of high-performing content
  • Successfully partnered with top brands

While it may not appear apparent at first glance, choosing your tier of influencers is critical. There is a spectrum of talent for all your marketing needs. With Social Native, you have access to a marketplace with 2M+ creators who have directly signed up to the platform, unlike other influencer platforms that collect creators through scraping. Ordering content has never been more accessible: establish campaign guidelines with the easy-to-use platform, and discover broad and niche creators for your campaigns’ needs.

A spectrum of creators for a long-tail solution