As we bid farewell to an eventful 2023, Social Native is thrilled to share the remarkable strides we’ve taken in enhancing our platform. These enhancements reinforce our position as the go-to destination for brands seeking a comprehensive solution for authentic social content across the buyer’s journey.

Explore the highlights of 2023, where each Social Native update represents a pivotal moment, simplifying complexities, enriching experiences, and propelling your brand narrative and business growth to unprecedented levels.

Streamlined access, new homepage and a fresh look

We understand the importance of simplicity in your daily operations. To enhance your experience, during 2023 we’ve introduced Single Sign On (SSO) and a unified platform login page so that you can enjoy centralized control over both user-generated content and creator collaborations, with only one set of credentials.

Our homepage, the first screen upon signing in, has undergone a transformation to serve as an intuitive gateway to our all-inclusive platform. It seamlessly integrates features for sourcing, distributing, and measuring the impact of authentic social content throughout the buyer’s journey. Everything you need is now conveniently under the same roof.

  • Source: Effortlessly gather UGC, collaborate with creators, and automate manual UGC and influencer management tasks.
  • Distribute: Showcase content across all marketing channels, influencing customers at every stage of their journey.
  • Measure: Obtain performance data and actionable insights to unlock the full potential of UGC and creator content.

But that’s not all – we’ve also given our platform a modern facelift, providing you with a sleeker interface and a more cohesive overall experience.

Perfect matches with Creator Discovery

We launched Creator Discovery, a powerful tool that can help you find consumers and creators who align with your brand, and work with them to tell your brand’s story authentically and help you achieve your goals.

With Creator Discovery, brands can explore a multitude of possibilities:

  • Utilize advanced search filters to pinpoint creators that perfectly match your brand ethos.
  • Identify influencers boasting Super Creator™ status for maximum impact.
  • Dive into comprehensive data on creators and their audience.
  • Maintain a curated list of your favorite creators for streamlined collaboration.
  • Manage and curate lists of creators you’re eager to collaborate with in the future.
  • Simplify your workflow by uploading your own brand ambassadors into the system.
  • Extend collaboration invitations effortlessly, fostering partnerships that resonate authentically with your brand.
Better than ever: Shoppable Gallery upgrades

Our Shoppable Galleries provide an interactive and engaging way for consumers to explore and purchase items through the eyes of real customers, streamlining the shopping experience and making it more relatable and trustworthy through social proof.

Our 100% mobile-responsive layouts ensure that your customers can engage effortlessly, featuring enhanced vertical video support (9:16), optimized performance, swift loading times, and customizable style and design—all at your fingertips through our Gallery Manager.

Throughout the year, we upgraded our galleries for an even better experience. Here are the 2023 highlights: 🌈

  • Included a setting to hide galleries when UGC is below your defined threshold. Take charge of when and how your gallery is displayed on-site.
  • Now, not only can you conceal headers and subheadings for a personalized touch, but you also have the power to adjust their text alignment to perfectly match your brand aesthetic.
  • Introduced the ‘View More’ button for an enhanced user experience. Choose to open in a new tab, providing a smooth journey for your customers.
  • Added a new tile icon for instances when content is unavailable. Streamlined design, minimal confusion.
  • Address copyright concerns with the ‘Remove audio from video’ toggle. Ensure a harmonious gallery experience without compromise.
Enhanced content approval feedback

In our ongoing commitment to improving your experience collaborating with Creators, we’ve introduced a significant enhancement to our content approval flow. Now, brands have the power to seamlessly request edits and provide feedback directly within the platform.

This feature empowers brands to convey their insights and preferences to Social Native Customer Success Managers and Campaign Managers, facilitating a smoother feedback loop with Creators.

Supercharged Instagram content analytics

We upgraded your Instagram content analytics experience with enhanced metrics on the Analytics page for Creator collaborations.

For Instagram Images, you now have access to additional insights, including total shares, total unique views, and a holistic measure of total potential exposure. Simultaneously, our Instagram Reel metrics have expanded to include shares, viewership, reel plays, and total potential exposure.

Unlock Growth with Global Analytics

In 2023, we revolutionized your insights with the introduction of Global Analytics—a comprehensive hub for performance data and insights on your creator collaborations and user-generated content (UGC).

Seamlessly consolidated within a single, intuitive dashboard, this feature became your go-to resource for refining and evolving your content strategy, propelling business growth.

  • Dive into a detailed analysis of user-generated content and creator collaborations, harnessing the power of data to continuously optimize every facet of your content strategy. This data-driven approach ensures alignment with your goals and consistently improves results, marking a transformative step in content strategy evolution.
  • Uncover the impact of UGC and creator content on key performance indicators (KPIs) throughout the buyer’s journey. From raising awareness to driving conversions, gain valuable insights into the influence of authentic content on meaningful engagement and successful conversions.

These updates empower brands with a deeper understanding of analytics, enabling a data-driven approach to optimize campaigns and maximize engagement.

Farewell, music copyright concerns

We introduced a new feature within our Media Editor, designed to serve as the ultimate solution to address music copyright concerns.

Now, you have the power to effortlessly remove audio from user-generated videos with a single click. No more headaches over potential copyright issues – enjoy a worry-free video journey from sourcing to distribution across all marketing channels. 🚀

Looking Forward to 2024

As we close the chapter on 2023, we express our heartfelt gratitude for being a part of the Social Native community. Your trust and collaboration have been the driving forces behind every enhancement, every feature, and every success we’ve celebrated.

Looking ahead to 2024, we’re energized with the prospect of shaping the future of social content. Here’s to a year ahead filled with innovation and growth. Wishing you a joyful holiday season and a prosperous New Year! 🚀

We hope you fall in love with these features as much as we have!