June 14, 2022

The Creator Journey: Celebrating LGBTQIA+ creators

We’re celebrating our global network of Social Native creators with our new series: The Creator Journey.

Celebrating Pride & trailblazing LGBTQIA+ creators

To celebrate Pride month, Social Native is spotlighting four of our amazing LGBTQIA+ creators from around the world who are using their platforms to stand up for human rights, self-expression, and creativity. Sparking meaningful conversations, embracing diversity, and enacting positive change, these creators are empowering communities online and offline by living their fullest authentic lives.

william jardell lgbtqia+ influencer

William is a model, actor, reality TV personality, and Social Native Super Creator™! As a trailblazer for LGBQTIA+ representation in reality TV, William is a prominent LGBTQIA+ influencer on social media with over 190,000 engaged followers on Instagram alone. William uses his large fanbase to showcase his adventurous life with his husband and advocate for global health, sustainability, and human rights. His signature photogenic smile and colorful approach to content has granted him partnerships with brands like Airbnb, Asus, and Walgreens. 

Q: As a public LGBTQIA+ figure, what advice would you give to someone questioning whether to share their identity online?

Never feel pressured to come out. Everyone’s journey is vastly different and beautiful in their own way. If it feels authentic to you and where you are in your own life then share with the world because there is a huge LGBTQIA+ community GLOBALLY that is ready to welcome you with open arms. It can be scary but you may be shocked at how much love and support you will receive and how those messages of hope and kindness far out weigh the negative.

Q: As a model, actor, and reality television personality you really do it all! What is a medium of entertainment you would like to see more LGBTQIA+ representation in?

Definitely reality television! Typically a series or show has one LGBTQIA+ cast member but that doesn’t usually reflect the diversity among the community. The community is so unique and casting one individual to represent that diversity does a disservice to the public. Seeing us on TV screens as our real selves allows the world to experience their first LGBTQIA+ person for the first time and seeing that diversity within is necessary.

“Never feel pressured to come out. Everyone’s journey is vastly different and beautiful in their own way.” @williamjardell

Q: What is one thing you wish you could tell your younger self?

To just breathe a bit more and trust the process of discovery. I was incredibly terrified of someone finding out that I was gay when I was younger. I grew up in a conservative small town in Texas and didn’t know any other gay people in the town. I think I was always afraid of what was coming next and where I was going but I would want that version of me to know that it will all work out beyond your wildest dreams and to just take a deep breath every once in a while.

Q: What is your favorite campaign you have worked on with Social Native and why?

There was a breast cancer awareness campaign many years ago that I was fortunate enough to be a part of. Using my platform in any way I can that advocates for causes is really important to me. I’m a huge advocate for the LGBTQIA+ community of course but also for addressing climate change and human rights.

Q: What are 3 important LGBTQIA+ organizations you wish to highlight?

My husband and I have raised money for The Trevor Project in the past and it is a fantastic organization that offers incredible support for LGBTQIA+ people dealing with mental health issues and a variety of other support programs. The LA LGBT center is another organization that does great work offering health services, food support and other programs for those who need assistance. Lastly, there is a fabulous drag queen, Pattie Gonia, who does fantastic work supporting outdoor opportunities and initiatives for queer youth and their content is a great resource as to what organization you can support in inspiring youth to get outdoors and create opportunities for that.

lgbtqia+ creator tiktok alanahcole

Alanah is a 27-year-old content creator who documents the everyday struggles and obstacles she faces as a lesbian as she inspires her community along the way! Highlighting common misconceptions and enacting meaningful conversations, Alanah has grown her TikTok account to over 290,000 followers, and entertains around 45,000 users on her YouTube channel. As a Social Native Super Creator™, Alanah has successfully worked on over 30 campaigns with brands like TOMS, Fiverr, eBay, FOX, and Oreo.

Q: What do you wish brands knew when partnering with LGBTQIA+ influencers for pride?

I hope brands looking to collaborate with LGBTQIA+ influencers know that during this time, it’s not only about selling a pride product. Brands should know the history of the community’s liberation and fully support the community by giving back to foundations that strive to make this world a more inclusive place for everyone.

Q: As a creator with large audiences on both TikTok and Instagram, what do you think is one thing social platforms could do or change to better support LGBTQIA+ content creators?

Social platforms can promote more LGBTQIA+ influencers during this time of year. Help bring the spotlight to those spreading a positive message!

My identity has fully shaped and impacted my content creation.” @alanahcole

Q: What led you to become a creator?

I became a creator because I wanted to document my life. A video journal of all my memories with friends and family, my travel and experiences and of my thoughts. I wanted to share my feelings with others that might understand or relate.

Q: How has your identity impacted your content creation?

When I really started finding my community online is when I started to share my identity more. When I came out and made skit videos on YouTube about my experience as a queer person. Then I took that same idea and started to create similar content on TikTok. I found my people! So I would say my identity has fully shaped and impacted my content creation.

Q: What was your favorite campaign that you have worked on with Social Native and why?

One of my favorite campaigns I’ve worked on with Social Native is the Deep Eddy Cosmos Campaign. I loved this campaign because I believed in the product and felt like the brand had clear messaging as to what they were looking for. I appreciated the clear communication and direction. Plus, I loved their vodka!

non binary influencer rigelgemini

Rigel Gemini is a queer, non-binary content creator and music artist. His niche focus in fashion, travel, and LGBTQIA+ content have amassed him a hyper-engaged following of over 100,000 followers on Instagram and over 30,000 fans on TikTok. As a recognized LGBTQIA+ influencer and activist, Rigel reveals his fully authentic self through his Instagram feed by sharing energetic art and glam style shots.

Q: What is one piece of advice you would give to someone who is struggling with their identity?

To anyone who is struggling with their identity: You are not alone. Life is a journey of exploring ourselves. Whatever feels right, as long as you are loving yourself and being kind to others, that is the path that is meant for you. Do more of what makes you happy, and less of what doesn’t. The LGBTQIA+ community is here for you, and we support one another.

Q: What led you to become a creator?

I became a creator because I wanted to share my authentic self with the world and show others that you can live authentically and thrive. I have always loved fashion, self expression, and music, so these are the areas I focus on within my social channels. Over the last several years as I have grown my platform, I have been so excited to connect with my community and to share my story as a non-binary, LGBTQIA+ person.

“When creators are given the opportunity to share our own ideas or provide our own perspective, that is when our content really shines.” @rigelgemini

Q: What’s one piece of advice you would like to give aspiring creators?

I would say to just be your authentic self and produce as much content as you can. As RuPaul says, don’t let your inner saboteur get to you… your inner critic can be your biggest barrier. Content creation requires producing a lot of content, so just start posting tons of content and see what sticks. People will love you for you, so don’t even worry about what you think the internet wants to see from you. Do whatever feels natural and fun!

Q: What are some things you wish brands knew when partnering with LGBTQIA+ influencers for Pride?

It’s important to let LGBTQIA+ creators approach content in their own unique way, because our stories and identities are all so different. When creators are given the opportunity to share our own ideas or provide our own perspective, that is when our content really shines. Additionally, it’s important for there to be some substance to Pride campaigns, whether through monetary support to a community non-profit, or a pledge to support the community. Pride is about activism, and therefore it’s important that brands show a real commitment.

Q: Name 3 LGBTQIA+ influencers who you look up to or who have inspired you in your own journey!

Three LGBTQIA+ influencers I look up to are: 1) Ts Madison because in so many ways she invented what it means to be an LGBTQIA+ influencer. 2) David Lopez because they do such a beautiful job of balancing masculinity and femininity and producing high quality glam content. 3) Gigi Gorgeous because she has gone from being an internet star to a recognized public figure in so many arenas.

family lgbt creator

Tara Rosa, better known as the founder & creator of @livingrosa, is using her platform to “break the stigma of the ‘normal family'” by sharing her personal adventures online. Tara is a mother to four beautiful children she shares with her wife Mandi. As an empowering LGBTQIA+ influencer, Tara has an impressive 37,000 followers on Facebook and 120,000+ subscribers on YouTube. Her followers tune in to see a glimpse of the busy mom’s daily life as she shares her vulnerable journey of building a family. As a Social Native Super Creator™, Tara’s heartwarming content has landed her partnerships with brands like Kay Jewelers, Graze, Oreo, 7-Eleven, and many more.

Q: Is there anything you wish you knew earlier on in sharing your story online as an openly LGBTQIA+ new mom that you know now after your fourth child?

Sharing your life online with hundreds of strangers is a continuous learning experience. I am for sure more cautious on how and what I share, especially with our children. I never imagined that we’d still be here sharing our journey after 4 kids. But the positives have always outweigh the negatives. Receiving messages, emails, letters that we have helped someone with their own personal struggles has been one of the most rewarding things and it makes being open and sharing online worth it all!

Q: What has been most rewarding about being an influential LGBTQIA+ content creator with large audiences across multiple social platforms?

My all time favorite comment on any social platform… “Your family makes me smile”. What could be better than making people happy? That is most rewarding.

“You will end up with exactly what is right for you, in the end. You just have to keep hope.” @livingrosa

Q: You have been very open and vulnerable sharing your RIVF experience, what is one thing you wish to share with anyone struggling?

I would say to anyone who is struggling to create a family, don’t give up hope. There are so many different ways to create a family. If plan A doesn’t work and you are feeling discouraged make a plan B because once you have that family all the small details that went into planning doesn’t really matter. You will end up with exactly what is right for you, in the end. You just have to keep hope.

Q: What led you to become a creator?

We started creating content on YouTube to document our journey to motherhood. In hopes to share how we created our family and also both give and receive support from other LGBTQ+ families.

Q. What are some of your favorite brands that represent LGBTQIA initiatives all year round?

Apple, Target. Levi’s, TomboyX

Q. What was your favorite campaign that you have worked on with Social Native and why?

SmartyPants vitamins, We enjoy the brand and the creative freedom given when working with them.

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